Energy Savings and Thriving Service Thanks to Performance Contracting by Brady

Live, grow, thrive! That is the motto the Durham County, North Carolina government keeps in mind as it strives to provide the county’s 300,000 residents with an outstanding place to live, work, and play.

Durham County is ideally situated halfway between the Great Smoky Mountains and the beaches of the Atlantic, and is the heart of the thriving Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area. The County government is committed to doing all it can to capitalize on these advantages on behalf of the people of Durham County. It is not surprising, then, that one of the key goals described in the County’s 2018 Strategic Plan is to be an accountable, efficient, and visionary government that invests in the people and communities of Durham County.

The County is responsible for a wide range of services—public safety, emergency medical services, public health, veterans services, libraries, social services, and many others. The County directors are ever diligent to ensure they stay on top of the health of their programs and buildings. As part of their efforts, the County administration prepared a list of facilities that were limping along with outdated and inefficient mechanical systems, equipment that required frequent repair, and control systems that were failing. The antiquated and failing systems were wasting substantial amounts of energy, driving up operational costs, and failing to provide the indoor environments needed for county services to succeed.

The administration identified seven priority facilities that needed urgent attention:

  • Durham Center Access
  • Fire Marshall’s Office
  • General Services Complex
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Operation Breakthrough Building
  • Stanford L. Warren Library
  • Durham County Detention Center

These seven facilities provide a wide variety of services for the people of Durham County, and the administration knew that a precision solution would be needed for each facility.

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