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Brady has come a long way since 1962, when we opened our doors as a Trane franchise to provide HVAC equipment. Today, we provide integrated comfort systems – systems designed to exceed your expectations of quality, reliability, efficiency, and comfort.

If you are an owner, consulting engineer, or mechanical contractor, our highly trained sales engineers take you through the entire process. From planning and specifications to the purchase and installation, you can count on our professionals to ensure your project is a complete success.

Authorized Trane Franchise

We provide the highest-quality products available to the commercial and industrial HVAC market. Brady represents Trane, the leader in commercial air conditioning, and carries the following products:

  • Trane Ecowise Portfolio- Trane CenTraVac Chillers, Series R Helical Rotary Chiller, Trane Sintesis Chillers
  • Trane Chillers- Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, Ancillary Chiller Water Plant Equipment
  • Trane Unitary Systems – Rooftop Systems: Foundation, Precedent, Voyager, Intellipak I, Intellipak II, Split Systems- Large Commercial Cooling Condensers, Odyssey Split systems, Self-Contained Units, Water Source Heat Pumps, Variable Air Volume, Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions
  • Trane Air Handling Systems – Performance Air Handlers, Make-Up Gas Heating Systems, Air Handler Options, Air Cleaning Options, Air Turnover Units
  • Terminal Devices- Sensible Cooling Terminal Units, Unit Heaters, Unit Ventilators, Boiler Coil Air Handlers, Fan Coil Units, Personalized Terminal Air Conditioners
  • Ductless Solutions- Trane / Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Solutions 
  • Precision Cooling and Dehumidification- Solutions for Data Centers and Indoor Agriculture

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is more important today than ever, especially as you welcome back employees, tenants and customers into your spaces. Brady offers solutions that can restore the confidence of building occupants and contribute to your building’s overall sustainability goals.

Air Filtration:
Providing solutions that optimize
air quality, energy consumption,
and environmental impact

Outside Air, Energy Recovery Systems:
Advanced energy-efficient air handling
systems for commercial and
industrial applications

Energy Recovery:
Energy Recovery Ventilators
that optimize energy efficiency,
lower capital costs, and
cut operational expenses

Heat Recovery / Wheels / Chilled Beams:
Air climate and air movement solutions

Air Filtration:
Air filtration products
for commercial applications

UV Lighting:
Advanced UV germicidal
air disinfection products that
benefit commercial markets

Ionization Products:
Air cleaning solutions that
generate energy savings and address symptoms
of sick building syndrome 

Indoor Air Quality As a Service :
Air cleaning solutions that
generate energy savings

Custom HVAC Solutions

One size doesn’t fit all. At Brady, we are proud to offer a range of custom HVAC and building solutions for your specific needs.

Air Rotation Systems:
Industrial heating and cooling
systems and warehouse HVAC

Multizone Replacements:
Custom HVAC solutions and
package DX units for
commercial buildings

Sound Control:
Noise and vibration control for
commercial applications

Custom Curb Solutions:
Manufacturer of custom sheet
metal products including
roof curb solutions

Air Handlers:
Modular, custom units that
provide flexibility

Energy Storage Solutions

With energy costs rising every year, energy efficiency has become an important part of the financial success of many organizations. Brady offers system solutions, conservation strategies, service, and support to help your facility’s efficient operation:

Energy Storage:
Thermal battery cooling systems
featuring Ice Bank Energy Storage

Heat Recovery Systems:
Economizers and waste heat
recovery products that save
energy and money

Heat Exchangers:
Plate heat exchangers that deliver
effective, efficient performance

Comfort Solutions

Comfort can mean many things to different people. To some organizations, indoor air quality is an essential component of occupant comfort and performance. Growing companies may need flexibility in their systems to allow for expansion and changes within their facilities. Other organizations may have specific needs for precise humidity control to manage moisture in their buildings. Whatever the specific needs of your facilities, Brady can provide solutions to solve the issues important to you and your facility.

Modular All – Indoor HVAC Systems:
Modular all-indoor solutions
designed with standard
widths and heights in mind

Swimming Pool Dehumidification:
Experienced Indoor
pool dehumidification

Modular Chiller:
Modular chillers for
commercial HVAC applications
and industrial processes

Pumping Packages:
Custom modular central
plant components

Building Automation and Controls

From small single-zone systems to enterprise-wide multi-campus environments, Brady is a premier provider of building automation systems.  Based on application requirements and customer preference, Brady deploys multiple industry-leading platforms including Trane Tracer and Tridium Niagara.  

Tracer UC Series, SC+, Ensemble:
Building automation systems that serve as
the technology platform and enable building
operation while balancing peak energy efficiency

Web-Based Automation and Integration:
Open integration products and
special applications to deliver the power of the
internet combined with web services

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