Manufacturing facility managers share many common challenges. Charged with limiting downtime and keeping production lines running, the goal is to keep facilities online to support the business. Reducing energy costs is also a concern. Fully optimized energy savings from energy efficient systems can help drive dollars to the bottom line for the business. Savings can generate funds that can be reinvested in the business.

Service Offerings


Brady’s Preventative Maintenance agreement can help facility managers protect the investment made in equipment and give them opportunities to be proactive, planning for needed maintenance and system adjustments to help save energy. Learn More

Retrofit Services

Brady’s Retrofit Services can help design and install more efficient systems customized to meet the needs for a specific production environment. Learn More


Brady Integrated Security can help protect the business and proprietary information with an integrated system. Installing a state of the art video surveillance system can help mitigate the risk of litigation. Learn More

Building Automation and Controls 

At the backbone of a completely integrated building lies the building automation system. Brady teams have decades of experience integrating building systems with opened source technology to help provide better control of the manufacturing environment needed to provide quality production. Request more information.


From Our Clients

“Brady has completed the installation and start up of chilled water systems at our facilities. Both installations were coordinated  and executed in a professional manner within the projected time constraints necessary for a manufacturing environment.”- Jim Hinson, Plant Engineer, Kurz Transfer Products

Real-Time Environmental Controls and Energy Savings for 1M Square Feet of Production Facility

Brady provides an open-platform system with high-efficiency components to help a local manufacturer achieve their lean manufacturing goals while saving over $100,000 per year in energy costs.