Davidson, N.C.,  Sept. 27,  2021 – Trane® – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator – Trane’s latest product and service offerings help customers better meet the requirements of their facilities through enhanced connectivity and increased energy efficiency. Connected building solutions provide seamless, unified building control, delivering meaningful data to optimize building performance, while practical, affordable electrification solutions help reduce environmental impact. 

“Trane helps make buildings more efficient, sustainable and comfortable to better meet the needs of those who operate and work within them,” said Manlio Valdes, vice president, Trane product management.  “These new and enhanced offerings improve the customer experience, enhancing building control to help meet organizational goals while lowering costs, reducing waste and addressing key energy efficiency, electrification and environmental impact goals.” 

Symbio® 800 Equipment Controls: Symbio 800 equipment controls, previously available only on Trane IntelliPak® units, are now available on multiple Trane systems. Trane’s Symbio 800 portfolio of industry-leading equipment controllers is designed to improve the customer experience throughout the equipment life cycle by providing connectivity, flexibility, and serviceability. These factory-mounted controllers save installation time while offering secure remote connectivity, wireless building communications, and integration with your building management system. Symbio 800 offers open standard protocols to provide a wide range of enhanced monitoring and advanced interfaces to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. Symbio 800 is now available on the following equipment:

  • Ascend® Air-Cooled Chiller with Free Cooling (150-550 tons) enabled by Symbio® 800: The Ascend Air-Cooled Chiller, Model ACR, Trane’s high-energy efficiency chiller with screw compression, is now available in sizes up to 550 tons to address data center needs and other applications requiring large highly efficient chillers. The chiller is enabled with the Symbio 800 controller, for optimum unit performance, efficiency, and connectivity. Wireless communication can be achieved in the building through easy integration to Air-Fi® Wireless sensors. The Ascend delivers an industry-leading combination of part-load and full-load efficiencies, while offering multiple sound reduction options for noise sensitive installations. Sustainable features like free cooling are available to serve critical applications.
  • Agility® Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller (175-425 Tons) enabled by Symbio® 800: The small-footprint Agility chillers, which are compact enough to fit through a standard double door, are now enabled by the Symbio 800 controller and optional power meter. Agility, enabled by Symbio 800, is ideal for existing buildings or new construction, provides reliable and efficient operations across a wide operating map. Adding the optional power meter enables the convenience of seamlessly measuring energy use. This allows end users to participate in demand-response and net-metering programs.
  • CenTraVac® Water-Cooled Chiller (150-4,000 Tons) enabled by Symbio® 800: Offering best in class efficiency, the CenTraVac water-cooled chiller, now comes with Symbio 800 controls and all the benefits of its open standard communication protocols. The chiller meets today’s efficiency and sustainability challenges while providing secure connectivity. The chiller, Symbio unit controller and optional power meter all integrate seamlessly and securely with existing BAS. The power meter enables end users to participate in demand-response and net-metering programs.

Tracer Concierge® System for Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric VRF: The best-in-class Tracer Concierge Systemhas been enhanced to now easily integrate with Trane / Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems. Tracer Concierge Systems, exclusively available for contractors, helps streamline facility management and turns VRF jobs into growth opportunities. Perfect for light commercial, rooftop, VAV, and VRF applications, it boasts smooth, easy installation with Set-up Wizard and LC3 Install Assist. This affordable, full-featured, pre-engineered, “mini-but-mighty system” offers building owners the functionality of a fully customized BAS to give contractors an edge to satisfy building owners’ needs for performance and ease-of-use, while helping them manage costs and improve overall profitability.

R’newal® for CGAM Chillers: Trane’s exclusive overhaul service, Trane R’newal, is now available for the CGAM chiller line. The R’newal service program provides a comprehensive process to extend chiller life, restore efficiency, and increase reliability – more affordably and with less disruption than installing brand new systems. R’newal replaces worn materials, restores compressor performance (even on a failed compressor), and provides the same assured reliability as seen with a new Trane chiller — while reducing waste for you and the planet. This exclusive, factory-warranted overhaul service includes new genuine Trane parts, a new serial number and the expertise of our factory trained and authorized Trane technicians.

Tracer® System Application Enhancements: Drawing on more than a century of expertise in chiller and control design, Trane now offers an updated Tracer System application. Tracer gives you pre-engineered applications and expertise to increase efficiency and reliability of chiller plant operation. Trane’s chiller and control knowledge are pre-engineered out of the box, reducing risk of unplanned downtime while enabling precise chiller plant control. The system’s standard user interface and graphics simplify installation, make it easy to design and use, increasing productivity.